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A closer look at LATAM with Oscar Blanco

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Today we're discussing the LATAM market with Oscar Blanco, Director of Sales and Recruitment for Latin America at ILAC.

Oscar Blanco, Director of Sales and Recruitment for Latin America at ILAC

What were some of the unique challenges that you and the Latin American market faced ever since the global pandemic hit the world?

Throughout the pandemic, we faced numerous government restrictions, both in Canada and across Latin America. This impacted the response time for student visas but fortunately, we quickly changed from in-person programs to virtual learning. We had to constantly adapt our internal processes to support our students and partners.

What was a recent major success you and your team had?

We quickly came up with some innovative strategies to support agencies in 2020. ILAC KISS became the #1 online English program in 2021 and then we successfully transitioned to in-person classes that same year. We saw an increase in applications for ILAC IC and used the pandemic to build strong relationships with new and existing agencies.

What is something about this industry for Latin America that you want the other countries to know?

The challenge for LATAM is to filter the right prospective students so they can successfully apply for a Canadian visa. Economic problems are generally an issue in Latin America so we work closely with our partners on the ground to support students.

Why is CPF Toronto important? Why is it special? What is something about CPF Toronto that you are looking forward to?

CPF Toronto is a big reward for our agencies for all their hard work over the past few years, and it is also a reward for us. It is an opportunity for them to experience what we show in our marketing and helps tighten our relationships with them. I'm looking forward to reconnecting and pampering our top agents from LATAM in Toronto!

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