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Discover Edvisor at CPF Vancouver 2023

We are excited to have ILAC partner Edvisor join us CPF Vancouver 2023!

Edvisor is a student recruitment software with more than 10,000 registered users across 42 countries around the globe. Edvisor helps international education companies streamline the way they sell education, whether they do so directly, through agencies, or both.

Edvisor is one of the most comprehensive search engines in the industry, allowing users to browse through a vast database of education providers, programs, and insurance.

Users are able to easily manage students and monitor sales processes, streamline applications and bookings, and create highly personalized interactive quotes for their clients.

Check out the videos below for an in-depth review of Edvisor's platform:

Want to learn more? Meet with Edvisor at CPF Vancouver 2023 and visit the Edvisor website for more information.

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