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Discover Flywire at CPF Toronto 2024

We are pleased to welcome ILAC partner Flywire at CPF Toronto 2024!

Flywire is an easy-to-use payment solution that provides international payers with a streamlined payment experience and saves institutions and their payers time and money. It is the trusted choice of millions of students and thousands of institutions worldwide.

Flywire's global payment network makes the payment process seamless for businesses, organizations, and payers worldwide. It offers convenient payment options and securely processes transactions from over 240 countries and territories, in more than 140 currencies.

How institutions benefit:

  • Centralize all relevant agent and student data in one place

  • Receive payments in full as well as reduce unidentified and short-balance transactions

  • Automate the reconciliation process to save time

  • Track payments with transparency to keep up to date on status

How agents benefit:

  • Centralize information in one place to easily store, manage, import and export data

  •  Send payment notifications to one or multiple students

  •  Track payments with transparency to keep up to date on status

  •  Access fair-market exchange rates to protect students from unnecessary costs

Want to learn more? Meet with Flywire at CPF Toronto 2024 and visit the Flywire website to learn more.

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