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Discover LaSalle College at CPF Vancouver 2023

We look forward to showcasing ILAC pathway partner LaSalle College at CPF Vancouver! Located in Vancouver, LaSalle College is a boutique-design school with more than 30 programs.

LaSalle College Vancouver delivers programs with credentials ranging from bachelor’s degrees, diplomas and certificates and has been consistently named one of the top undergraduate school in Canada for video game design by The Princeton Review.

In addition to its close links with industry, both in Canada and around the world, LaSalle College Vancouver offers small classes for a premium education experience with instruction from leading experts. Whether you are looking to obtain the necessary skills to enter the job market or exploring a second career path, LaSalle's programs will prepare you for the challenge.

Below are a few reasons why students are choosing LaSalle College Vancouver:

  1. Fast & Affordable Education: LaSalle College Vancouver now offers the quickest and most affordable undergraduate Associate of Arts degree in the private education sector in BC.

  2. Culturally-Diverse School: the student population is very diverse with students from across Canada and around the world.

  3. Small Class Size: With an average size of 15 students per class, this personalized teaching environment promotes student and faculty relationship building.

  4. Long-Term Career Success: programs are designed to meet the needs of the local industries with current technology and skill sets, portfolio preparation, and industry networking.

  5. Focus on Language Skill Improvement: before starting your program, you have the opportunity to improve your language skills at LAB Vancouver, located within LaSalle College Vancouver. It specializes in teaching second languages and helps students to adapt, live, and work in a new linguistic environment.

Want to learn more? Meet with LaSalle College at CPF Vancouver 2023 and visit the LaSalle College Vancouver website to view available programs.

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