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Discover NexPay at CPF Toronto 2024

We are pleased to welcome NexPay at CPF Toronto 2024!

The Canada Partnership Forum (CPF) is designed to showcase ILAC programs and Canada's top colleges and universities to education agents from around the world. It is an exclusive opportunity for agents to connect with colleagues and educators from around the world, as well as participate in group training sessions, networking breaks and evening social events.

NexPay is a convenient solution for education payments. With NexPay, you can safely and quickly send and receive money globally 24/7 with competitive exchange rates and no bank fees.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Global Money Transfer: With NexPay, you can safely and quickly send and receive money globally 24/7. Whether you’re an agent, a student, or a school, NexPay facilitates seamless transactions.

  2. Competitive Exchange Rates: NexPay offers competitive exchange rates, ensuring that you get the best value for your money when making international payments.

  3. No Bank Fees: Say goodbye to hefty bank fees! NexPay allows you to transfer funds without any additional charges from banks.

  4. Simple Process:

  • Register: Sign up on the NexPay platform.

  • Create a Payment: Specify the payment details.

  • Pay and Upload Proof: Complete the transaction and upload the proof of payment.

Whether you’re paying tuition fees, transferring allowances, or covering other educational expenses, NexPay streamlines the process for you.

Want to learn more? Meet with NexPay at CPF Toronto 2024 and visit the NexPay website to view available programs.

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