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A closer look at ILAC pathway programs

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Carolyn Bercu - Director, Strategic Pathway Partnerships

Welcome to our first post of the new year! In preparation for CPF Toronto 2022, we sat down to discuss university and college pathways with Carolyn Bercu, Director of Strategic Pathway Partnerships at ILAC.

The past few years have added a state of uncertainty to international travel. How has ILAC's pathway program changed in recent years?

One of our proudest achievements since moving to online learning is that we delivered thousands of students to colleges and universities during the pandemic. We are happy to hear their success stories and know that we helped them get there.

How does ILAC's pathway program help agents?

ILAC’s team of 15 highly experienced pathway specialists are available to help international agents with school and program recommendations for their students. We have all attended colleges and universities in different parts of Canada, and we are always happy to share our expertise and experience.

We are always visiting higher education partners across the country to see what is new and talk with students about their experiences. We like to go deeper than what you can find on a website or YouTube video. We put ourselves in the student’s shoes.

What's new with pathways this year?

We are looking forward to bringing new partners to our agents. We are so excited to be announcing four new partners in New Brunswick, one of the most requested destinations for the LATAM/Brazilian market. And of course, we're excited for CPF Toronto 2022!

What's special about CPF Toronto 2022?

This is our first in-person event since 2019. Agents and college/university representatives are excited to come together to network, share ideas and promote Canada.

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