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CPF World 2024 | Featuring Douglas College

We look forward to showcasing ILAC pathway partner Douglas College at CPF World 2024!

This year, CPF World will take place on February 20 in in Hội An, Vietnam. We are looking forward to this exciting event that will feature ILAC's top pathway partners and select agents from across the region.

Featuring training sessions, networking opportunities, cultural excursions and educational activities, this first-of-its kind experiential event will take place on a private island in the historic town of Hội An, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Douglas College is the largest public degree-granting college institution in British Columbia, Canada, welcoming nearly 25,000 students to their campuses each year. The college is a popular choice among ILAC pathway students, offering bachelor's degrees and general university arts and science courses, as well as career programs in health care, human services, business and the creative arts.

Want to learn more? Meet with Douglas College at CPF World 2024 and visit the Douglas College website to view available programs.


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