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Discover iTEP at CPF Vancouver 2023

Get ready to meet ILAC partner iTEP at CPF Vancouver 2023! The International Test of English Proficiency (iTEP) is an English language assessment tool that is accepted by hundreds of colleges and universities.

Created by educators and international business experts, iTEP is user-friendly, efficient, highly informative and flexible.

In 2008, iTEP first introduced iTEP Academic, an online and on-demand English language evaluation for colleges and universities. Graded in 24 hours and backed by a team of ESL professionals, iTEP Academic has everything post secondary institutions need to make informed admissions and assessment decisions.

Since then, iTEP has expanded its catalogue of assessment tools to satisfy a wide range of needs for test-takers, educators, and administrators. From secondary school and university assessments to work exchange program evaluations, there is a test for everyone.

In addition to providing English assessment tools, iTEP International works directly with educational institutions, companies, and government agencies to reach their potential through clearer understanding of the language skills of their students, staff, and citizens.

Want to learn more? Meet with iTEP at CPF Vancouver 2023 and visit the iTEP website for more information.

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