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Discover The PIE at CPF Vancouver 2023

We are pleased to welcome ILAC partner The PIE at CPF Vancouver 2023!

The PIE is a leading voice in the international education sector, connecting professionals, institutions and the businesses that support hundreds of thousands of people to study abroad every year.

The PIE has several divisions, focusing on journalism, event organizing, and recruitment.

The PIE News provides independent and unbiased news, breaking exclusive stories, covering the hottest debates, and working closely with policy makers and leading advocacy groups in all major student destinations. Daily news and business analyses pertaining to international education are published daily by a global team of journalists.

Through The PIE Events, the company organizes events worldwide, convening thought-leaders to spark discussions around pressing issues in the sector and connecting the people within it.

The final division is The PIE Exec Search, a full-service recruitment company with executive search services, an online jobs board, and careers counselling. It is proud to be the only recruitment company in the world that specializes in international education with a truly global coverage.

Want to learn more? Meet with The PIE at CPF Vancouver 2023 and visit The PIE's website or more information.

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