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ILAC x CEF Present: Skill Up! Event Recap

On February 27, the Canada Employment Forum in collaboration with ILAC hosted Skill Up, a networking event for current students and recent grads looking to make themselves more marketable and create industry connections.

The event took place at the ILAC Dream Campus at 655 Bay Street from 6-9 pm. Students had the chance to mingle, network and even get a free LinkedIn headshot for their professional profiles.

Skill up featured a panel of industry experts who provided young professionals with valuable insights and guidance pertaining to their respective industries. Our panelists were Jason Rosso, Head of the Canada Employment Forum, Terri Andrianopolous, SVP of People & Brand at RioCan, Aaron Laurito, Head of Talent Acquisition at ONCAP, and Anneliesi Lopes Da Silva, Faculty & Equipment Engineering Project Lead at Aurora Cannabis.

We would like to share a few golden nuggets that stuck out to us - we hope they might help some of you as you navigate your career journey:

  • Interview Prep: An important part of a successful interview is being a good storyteller! As you prepare for your interview, think of three stories that speak to your skills and strengths as an employee and incorporate them into your conversation.

  • In-Person Connections Matter: An in-person interview will always be superior to an online one, as it allows for much non-verbal communication to take place (e.g. body language). Once you secure an interview, make sure to offer to come in to do it in person - even if the hiring manager says no, they will recognize you going the extra mile by asking!

  • Closing Out: The first 30 seconds and the last minute of your interview are likely to be the most impactful, as this is how you will be remembered. At the end of the interview, don't forget to reiterate to the employer that you would love the opportunity to work for them - they won't forget it!

  • Bonus: Little things matter! How you present yourself to the employer should be treated with the same importance as what you say. Being well groomed, maintaining eye contact, showcasing active listening during the conversation, and a firm handshake will go a long way.

Want to know more about CEF? Contact Jason Rosso at or visit the CEF website.

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