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Discover Columbia College at CPF Vancouver 2023

We are thrilled to have ILAC pathway partner Columbia College join us at CPF Vancouver!

Columbia is an independent not-for-profit two-year university transfer college located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Columbia welcomes more than 1000+ students every year. Since its establishment in 1936, the college has been a leader in providing educational programs to international students for more than 80 years.

The student population is highly diverse, with international students from around 54 countries comprising approximately 90% of the student body.

Columbia College offers first and second-year university level courses that can lead to a Columbia College Associate Degree and are fully transferable to local universities.

Columbia has consistently been one of the top three providers of international students to the University of British Columbia, and also sends large numbers of students to Simon Fraser University, Vancouver’s other major university.

Here are a few reasons to study at Columbia College:

  • Get ahead faster: you’ll be able to complete your program faster because of our trimester system and full range of courses each semester

  • Columbia offers Associate Degree Programs in Arts and Sciences (with a variety of subject concentrations), enabling eligibility for a Post Graduate Work Permit

  • More affordable tuition fees than major universities

  • Small class sizes: maximum class sizes in the University Transfer/Associate Degree Programs are 25 for English Writing classes and 35 for other University Transfer courses; many classes are even smaller

  • Free tutoring: all students have access to free, in-person tutoring services in English, Math, Economics and Social Sciences

Want to learn more? Meet with Columbia College at CPF Vancouver 2023 and visit the Columbia College website to view available programs.

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