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Discover University of Winnipeg PACE at CPF Vancouver 2023

We are thrilled to welcome the University of Winnipeg PACE at CPF Vancouver 2023! Located in the heart of Winnipeg, the institution offers Professional, Applied and Continuing Education (PACE) programs across an array of disciplines.

UWinnipeg PACE offers exceptional, industry-aligned certificates and diplomas that prepare graduates for success. PACE enriches students’ lives with the knowledge, skills, and professional relationships they need to thrive in their fields.

PACE's unique education model blends university-level academics with practical hands-on experience to fully expand the potential of our students. The programs specialize in high-growth career fields with strong employment prospects, such as project management, human resources, business management, network and ICT security, big data and machine learning, and marketing, public relations and strategic communication.

Why PACE? Below are 5 reasons why students are choosing to study at UWinnipeg PACE:

  1. Quality Eduction: PACE offers university level credentials delivered by industry recognized professionals.

  2. Unique Programs: PACE is continually creating new and unique programs that enhance our student's employability.

  3. Industry-Connected: PACE programs are industry-aligned and keep you connected to the job market.

  4. Flexible Schedule: PACE offers full-time day, part-time evening, weekend, and online programs.

  5. Reputation: UWinnipeg has an outstanding reputation for academics, inclusion, and socially just values.

Want to learn more? Meet with the University of Winnipeg PACE at CPF Vancouver 2023 and visit the University of Winnipeg PACE website to view available programs.

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