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ILAC Education Group Presents First In-Person Event in Toronto

On March 9th, ILAC Education Group hosted its first in-person event to showcase its Public-Private Partnerships to Ontario-based agency partners.

Georgian@ILAC and Fanshawe Toronto, both located at ILAC campuses in Toronto, presented numerous opportunities for students to study in Toronto and at their home campuses in Barrie and London.

“Both our college and agency partners expressed how important it was to see each other in person again, or even meet for the first time after a very challenging two years for our industry,” said Magda Link, Vice President of Higher Education at ILAC. “Our joint dedication to the student journey and experience has never been stronger.”

Over 100 attendees participated in the campus tours during the day, followed by informative college sessions and networking in the evening.

“It was amazing to see so many agents in person after such a long time,” said Tatiana Dandzurovski, Head of Global & Local Sales Support at ILAC. “We look forward to seeing all our international and local partners again soon at CPF Toronto this May.”

For more information about upcoming on-shore and off-shore events for ILAC higher education and agent partners, visit Higher Education Training | CPF | Canada (

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